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Post  Gäst on 17.03.09 5:12

Okay here we go. First of all i havent typed so much the past weeks. Where do we start.

They rest the League so ppl got chance to get to the play off, top 20 team will advance.
I must say i feel sorry for the teams that where top 20 before and havent used any cheat. but i do understand why they rested. So The best teams will be advancing high anyway? Its more the team that can play most. Sure you cant loose to much but still the more games your team do and we say winning 3/4 i belive you can pick up pretty many points even if you lose once in four times. Also the American Teams benefist this little more. Since there are more american teams in the League they probly can play with ppl in higher ranks then the European teams. This is all speculations from me. But i dont think i ever meet a American team. Maybe cuz we play on diffrent times. but also think cuz we have higher latency to eachouters.

About our play since the Reset. Well First directly after the Reset we didnt play well. we was in a bad period with realy shitty defending and our scoring didnt go well either. We still played few games each day to get hang of what we did totaly wrong. We have fixed our play most of the games now and playing realy nice. but some games we are back in the bad habits. And with the luck on our side we have manage to get some good games vs many good teams in Europe. Today we had one of our most Active gaming day in a long time think we did almost 20 games. and of thoose games it was 1 OT loss. others where wins. we Got about 400 points today its a nice amount of points. But the points are pretty easy to get. I think you gain more points now then before the reset. our lowest earnd point in 1 game today was 12 points. Usualy the points is between 15-30 atleast. what i self feel the best about today was that we stopped a Streak from Jakotichka HC ( or how they spell). they been our hardest opponent since some weeks now. and today we finaly got it togheter and punished em with a win.

When i logged off the NHL today we was in Div 1 again after the reset. we havent been there since after the reset mostly cuz we havent played enought but also since our play havent worked good. the American teams will prbly makes us go down to div 2 again since they play over the nights. but we going to chase some more points tomorrow and if we aint in div 1 we climbe back to it tomorrow

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