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Detta är den officella sidan för NHL-laget La Resistance. Ett storsatsande lag med rötter hos GamereactorSE. Ta en titt och bli medlem i vårat forum vetja. Om du redan är medlem se till att logga in!

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Post  Gäst on 22.02.09 5:12

Finaly in Division 1.. after 14 days played we reached div 1. tons of wins and few losses made this possible. Realy got our good side out today and anililated some good teams today. good defence and awasome offensiv. The day went good till the last game when we meet some Pause glitching idiots. After 5-1 they started the glitch and even got the guts to say we paused. made the day realy annoying. eddy Mitchell team was the team that tryed the pause glitch and wanted us to leave.. we didnt and after 30 min they left. to bad the game didnt count. but atleast they didnt get us to leave the game.

even with that we had some good games vs Company of Geeks 6-1 to us in first game and 3-2 to them in second game. realy well played. we had good chances in the end but it realy wanted to go our way this last game for the night.

well now we are at Div 1 Rank 98 Points 4983 with 171-13-6


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