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Detta är den officella sidan för NHL-laget La Resistance. Ett storsatsande lag med rötter hos GamereactorSE. Ta en titt och bli medlem i vårat forum vetja. Om du redan är medlem se till att logga in!

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Post  Gäst on 23.02.09 2:55

Well today was not as usual very few games played had all wins except one vs Finnish washers that got us 1-2 but we had something that was against us.. missed way open goals that we doing goals in 95% of the time. Except that their goalie played good. and got the luck on his side. Not that we had the game or anything.. Finnish had a realy strong period of time when we had penalty that they pressured us like hell. also some defensce misses that didnt lead to goal. Both sides had good chanses to increas there scoreboard. but both team faild. stod 1-1 when its was 8.6 sec left when they scored there 2-1 goal. annoying since the attack from us before ended in a empty net miss almost.

even if we had 8 wins and only 1 loss. we did lost almost all our earnd points on that loss
well thats life but we will be back and win more.

Div 1 rank 99 points 5002 179-14-6


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