La Résistance!

Detta är den officella sidan för NHL-laget La Resistance. Ett storsatsande lag med rötter hos GamereactorSE. Ta en titt och bli medlem i vårat forum vetja. Om du redan är medlem se till att logga in!

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Post  Gäst on 26.04.09 14:32

Since the hot weather is coming you wont see so much of LeR nowdays.. Most of us enjoying barbercues and the sun. Some of us dont. But our playtime has been realy low in the end. ppl that will play might play with some other team if we dont have all ppl online.

But we hopefully coming back to NHL 10 and gonna set the aim high from start there. Well its still much time befor that happends.

to make a short facts about what we did preform during the time we tryed to get to playoff. We reached to 40+ position think it was 36. But also at that time we decied to get more ppl in to have the chance to make more points. That idea didnt work very well we rather lost more of it since we played diffrent lineups.

So all here i wish you a nice summer and we see you on the start of NHL 10.


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