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Post  Gäst on 10.03.09 15:09

We had some good and not so good games this weekend and we got a revange on NoS.
The matches is jumping up and down. Some games every shoot goes in it feels like and other matches nothing works. we had 2 losses vs Rambo HC. they played good and scored on there chanses. With good defense and a combination of we missing the goal chanses that we got. Well sometimes it just dont work. But its not a big deal we just have to keep looking forward to the next Match vs them and play little better little harder and hopefully we will go winning out of the game.

Defense Look Here Defense
I Should also mention that We are Seeking a new Defense men to Our team.
If your intressed in joing you should contact any of our GM with your stats
I recomend that you have Atleast superstarcard but prefer if you have legend

Our next goal is to reach top 50. we was close during this weekend but due to the losses vs RHC we took a step back. Our win ratio is 90.3% and its more than i hoped for. Also the ranking is better then we first had hoped for this early off the club. Sure we aimed high but its gone realy fast to get here. if we play well today we should be able to climbe to top 50 if we get good games and no loss. missing points to that is 114 points its not impossible but its hard.

Can Informe that GRS also is climbing in the Divisions. and playing good as usual. keep going and see you in Div 1 soon i hope.

Div 1 Rank 58 Points 5600 (298-25-7)


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