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Post  Gäst on 03.03.09 3:07

Today it went awsome we played great. Even if we had a loss vs Finnish washer in overtime. We probly could have won it if i had more practis on Goalie. First time i played goalie in 1 month i was realy scared but the defense made it simple for me. Finnish took the lead. but before the match was over we had 2-1 and in last period Finnish manage to score 2-2. After that we had a Breakaway. Unlucky for us our guy that got the chance had alrdy made up is mind about passing the puck and the FInnish Goalie did a Nice Desperation save. the games vs FW are always fun and a bit frustrating when there goalies usualy plays realy good. that was the only lost also.

The last game we play was the worst game i ever played and the ppl in the other team should realy consider to never ever play NHL 09 anymore.. They totaly sucked and they only did dive on the ice and didnt even try to do anything offensive or defensiv. HGz II pls play the game and try atleast do a game or quit early

We also got a Good game vs HC kebab that was ranked higher then us before the game 1 spot above. I also stood in this game and they did it hard for me. 2 goals did we let them do. witch was a cross play goals. we know they would do it but they manage to do it 2 times. Lucky we hade 3 goals and won the game with good defense. I also say that HC kebab had there chanses and had a bit of unluck and we go lady fortune on our side.

Also our former Team GRS doing Good. They are on a winning streak so watch out for them. 2 wins vs Soumi Steelers with impressiv results. they took dome some other teams thats plays well also. Keep the good work up Guys cu in div 1 again.

So with this day we manage to get 6 wins and 1 OT loss. but the points realy made it huge 99 points. its a good day and if we didnt had lost vs Finnish it would been more.

Div 1 Rank 64 Points 5511 (254-19-7)


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