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Detta är den officella sidan för NHL-laget La Resistance. Ett storsatsande lag med rötter hos GamereactorSE. Ta en titt och bli medlem i vårat forum vetja. Om du redan är medlem se till att logga in!

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Post  Gäst on 29.03.09 3:27

Today we got our 500 win witch feels great. The play the past day has been like a rollercoaster. Sometime we play good and some games the play we can play is not there.
Also been few changes in the lineup. We took 2 former GRS players in to the club. This will make it so we will have 2 Linups to go if all are online. A warm welcome to Frostbite and welcome back KingAce.

Something that is annoying is the skill of the Goalkeepers now days. They are realy usless in some point of view. And once they done something bad they keep doing it. But i guess we have to live with that fact that they are worthless. Just gotta keep the Shoots away and do more goals then the opposite team.

One more nice thing is that we have most points of all swedish teams. To bad its hard to keep up with the american teams. Since the are more american teams in the game they can make points faster and easier. and dont have to sit 1-30 min to just get a game going.

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