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Post  Gäst on 06.03.09 4:28

Okay havent had time to type so much latley. will try to bring reports as often i can. Since the patch come out we have just earnd a small amount of points. due to some losses vs Northern Stars and Flashback and some other team. still have earned more point then lossed, witch feels okay.

Ill try to say what i think off the patch so far. The thing that realy disturbe the play is all the penaltys.. Sure there should be penalties for Interference. But At the Board it should be allowed more tackles if the puck is close i mean. Puck is in corner and 2 ppl chasing it that usualy happend that 1 off the chasers tackle the other in to the board. And when you do a clean hit, backing and the forwards comes to you u stay still and then take 1 step forward to knock him out.. you get Charging its freaking redicilus. The best part is that they have removed 99-glicth and ninja jump. To bad they made the goalies even worst then before.. all previuse Glitch goals works as far as i noticed. Sure some are harder to do but if you get the time you do them. the only diffrent is that the puck is not high in the goal all time when you do them. And the goalie dosent do despertaion save as much.. but they still are there. Ill think the patch have taken one good step closer to be a good game. But some things are still there to be fixed in my opinion.

hopefully we reach rank 59 tomorrow but not sure its friday and ppl might be away. but atleast at the end of the weekend we should have passed the 60 marker. we play to win and hate to lose. but for every win you get the closer you are to lose.

Also realy nice to see our Old Team doing good.. they advancing in Ranks again and hopefully they are in Div 1 again and fight togher and against us. Go GRS

Div 1 rank 63 points 5551 (275-22-7)


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