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Post  Gäst on 02.03.09 0:29

After the weekend we havent earnd so many points. Moslty cus we lost some games to Team we should have beaten. Not that they played so impressiv good it was we that had some bad games when we didnt play on top. all of our players seeamd little out of balanced. But now on sunday we got ourself toghter and played good. I guess it was the beer from friday and saturday that made the good come out. WE had some real close fight vs TNL that they come out victorius with a close call. Our turning point in how the play started to work again was vs HC eniari. We Realy took away all there chances with awasome defence play and we got some breakaways and won with 3-0. Also had a close game vs our old team GRS. That game was a close one i could say both teams had the chance to win. but we got ourself the victory with 2-1.

even if we played pretty many games we still lost way to much points on the few losses we got one loss vs Finnish Washers - 70 points and when we got ur win over them we got 30 points. but we wont give up we continue playing after this bad period over 2 day and going out hopefully stronger and even more hard to beat.

33 games played and 4 losses with that we earnd 58 points totaly of so many games. realy takes alot if you lose some game. we are also currently aiming to beat the 70 line. and trying to get to rank 69 first then we take new directions after that.

Div 1 Rank 72 Points 5412 (248-19-6)


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