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Post  Gäst on 17.02.09 2:29

Got Our 100 win today. and still climbing. Div 2 rank 85
got 103-10-3 atm with 4197 points..9-3-0 today

Got our revenge to Sip but they took us the next game.
5-3 in the first game where ghamari showed us his magic. we had the lead all the game.
second game we lost and i had a early DC.. that they took advantage on realy good good.

other games went realy well.

good games vs GRS 1-2. Very good defene play on GRS.. we could have used some more creativ play and and score
but they defended realy good. and benhard had 2 nice shots

Second game VS GRS 2-0 to us.. stilll good defence play and some badluck from GRS.
but we mangae to lure them on 2 goals. one realy awsome pass pass goal. As for GRS themself i realy thought they would take the lead.
2 shots in the post.. that i thought was going in. we usualy dont paly with 3 ppl but to GRS its an exception.

More good games vs you guys i hope.

well not much point as i hoped for this evning. Last game was a lost. The players from the other team was realy realy hard to belvie in there shoots.

Hope the patch is coming soon. Clean matches and most off all you dont have to worry about if the other team use glitches.


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