La Résistance!

Detta är den officella sidan för NHL-laget La Resistance. Ett storsatsande lag med rötter hos GamereactorSE. Ta en titt och bli medlem i vårat forum vetja. Om du redan är medlem se till att logga in!

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Post  Gäst on 16.02.09 2:45

More games played with huge succes. Still in Div 3 but rank 3 instead of 97. witch is around 400 points earnd. had some losses today to Siberian Panthers and HC Einari. Close calls in both games. 94-7-3 and 4035 points atm. 14 wins and 2 losses today

The games themself most ended with the other team was leaving. And matches between SiP was probly the most exciting game today. Some defence miss of me and they had 3-1 lead. the sad was that we actual was pressing them the hole game. but they did good job on the counters. Same on HC Einari. Much pressure and to bad the aim was littel of in the first period when we had some clear chanses.. Well played to both the teams. Hopefully we will get ur revenge soon.

Division 2 tomorrow hopefully.


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